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Free online charts, graphs and lists for your PayPal transaction data.

Get started in three easy steps...

1. Login to PayPal and download PayPal activity data (in tab delimited format) to your computer. Show me how.
2. Create a login account and login to vVillage. Do it now.
3. Upload your PayPal data from your computer to your vVillage account. Finished Steps 1 and 2? Let's go!

Do you know your best selling PayPal products? Or your top PayPal customers? Or how much money is coming in, or how much money is going out of your PayPal account?

Free PayPal charts, graphs and list on vVillage.com - List all transactions by transactions type, list best selling product, list top customers, list payments grouped by name, list debit, credit and total transactions summary amounts (gross, fee, net), list all transactions that increase / decrease balance.

Once you create an account , you can upload your PayPal data  and view charts, graphs and list on your PayPal data . If you would like a report that is not available email me  and I'll add it.

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